Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday Morning

I didn't make it up this morning to go on a walk.  Yesterday I did manage to do well over 10K steps, but I noticed a lot of pain in my hips and joints that was concerning for just going on a walk in the morning.  I still plan on trying to get a couple short walks in today at work if I can make the time, and perhaps something small this evening too.  I think that's all well and good, but really I need to do something a bit more aggressive about eating right.  I almost always start the day out right, or at least, am in complete control all day until I get off work.  Then, it becomes a free for all.  Of course that leads to going to my bed with a very full tummy, which is not so good.

Yesterday was a pretty good example of that.  I had a shake in the morning, no morning snack (didn't need one) and then some bean soup for lunch.  No afternoon snack...I probably did need one, but there wasn't anything available, so I just drank more water flavored with crystal light.  I came home and filled my face with a couple ham sandwiches, (thin ones on diet bread with lean ham and 2% cheese slice...but I had TWO!) and quite a few peanuts.  Then my son came home and we got busy doing other things and he had thawed out some pork ribs and really wanted to cook them.  It was so late already, but I had some of those along with corn on the cob and about a 1/3 cup rice.  I DIDN'T NEED THIS EXTRA FOOD!

This morning I made myself another protein shake.  This time it's Dutch Chocolate Cake.  Again, 20 grams of protein whey isolate.  I added in 3/4 cup of 1% milk and 1/2 banana.  It was really very good.  When I throw in about 4 ice cubes and toss it all in my nutribullet, it's a nice taste and texture.

I will try to do better today!

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