Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

With today being Day 7 of the wait for pre-approval for my weight loss surgery, I took the initiative to make some phone calls this afternoon.  I first called the surgeon’s office to enquire if they had heard anything.  They hadn’t, but reminded me that bluecross blueshield can take 2 weeks to process pre-approvals.  So, I called the insurance company and it was there!  The woman I spoke with said it just showed up a few minutes ago and so she opened it up and read the approval letter to me.  Yay….I quickly called the insurance specialist at the surgeon’s office, but it went to voice mail and it was in fact about 15 minutes to 5, so I don’t expect anyone would answer the phone.  I believe I can assume I will be getting a call tomorrow to schedule my surgery date.  Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Blah Day

I challenged myself to re-read my blog so far and find my motivation and excitement for the upcoming surgery.  My hope was to recharge my batteries and get myself back into the right groove to make this a success.  Here are my conclusions:

  • I am a moaner and a groaner
  • My weight issues have probably been directly associated to my attitudes
  • I seem like an unhappy person
  • I don’t have much stick-with-it
    My biggest thought on this realization is, I accept that I have been disappointed over and over again in life.  People have disappointed me, I have disappointed me, situations don’t always go as planned and life really isn’t a golden storybook where everything is laid out and we all live happily ever after.  I have met people that seem golden.  They glow with health and happiness, they seem to say the right thing at the right time, they appear to walk through life with little conflict outwardly, they don’t appear to be self-destructive or negative.  Amazing people who you either look up to or envy.  But, there are no perfect lives.  Everyone has trials and tribulations.  I think that some are able to handle these trials with more grace and composure.
    As for me, I am a trainwreck!
    I also have had a few comments lately from people who know me, have learned of my pending surgery and tell me that they haven’t really seen me as someone who needs a surgery like this.  I find that a little interesting because while I see myself as a behemoth, I know that I am not.  I am in a class of obesity, and seem to have no success with losing enough weight on my own or reaching a level where there is improvement with my health.  It is what it is.  I need to finish what I’ve started.
    I have a fairly good idea that once I get the call that I am all approved and ready to schedule my date for surgery, I will snap out of this funk.  So, snap out of it already!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Pre-Op is winding down

I received news that my information was submitted to insurance on October 20th, which as of today, makes 4 business days.  The insurance average is 7-10 business days for their turn-around, which of course could be sooner, as they always want to give the longest time frame to cover all deviations.  I am expecting the 10 day scenario, but hopeful that it is less.

There is a girl at work that is about a month behind me in this process.  She has had to attend the 6 month pre-op diet classes (where I didn't have to) but she was told the doctor schedules 2 weeks out.  With all things being equal and going by that schedule, I could be looking at my surgery the week before Thanksgiving!

I almost don't know what to think or feel about everything.  I have been running on a lot of "let's get this done" energy and not very much focus on the reality of it actually happening,   I think I need to find a way to get in tune with the emotions and feelings that led up to this decision to begin with.  I think I will spend some time re-reading my previous posts and reminding myself of the whys.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Murphy's Law...again

Murphy's Law is basically the one where if something can go wrong, it probably will.  Which is me on replay...over and over again.  Last Friday, as I wrote earlier, very excitedly...the pulmonology doctor said I was released for surgery.  I point blank asked him how soon he would send that over to my surgeon.  He said he'd have his notes written up by lunch time.  I guess I should have made him be more specific on which day, lunch.  Ugh...

Two days of calling the surgeon to find out if things are ready for insurance...6 days after he told me he would fax information over...I find out he never did,.  They don't have it.  The insurance specialist with the surgeon said she would give them a call.

After about an hour of thinking about it, I also called the pulmonology office to discover...they still HAD NOT faxed it.  Then the big reveal of why they didn't became apparent when the girl on the other end said, "oh we don't have the doctor's fax number".  So, yeah.  My husband and I talked about this later...most likely someone looked at it, didn't see a fax number and added it to the bottom of the pile to be looked at another day.  Considering the things discussed in that appointment, I would have to agree that is exactly what happened because there were a couple follow up things the doctor recommended and a week later I have not heard a peep about that.  They made me do some blood work for something the doctor wanted to be looked at and he sent a new prescript over to Norco to change the settings remotely on my cpap.  None of those things have occurred,  I honestly don't care about those 2 things...but I DO care about the information getting to my surgeon,

So..while I had her on the phone, I made her wait while I LOOKED UP THE FAX NUMBER MYSELF online, and gave it to her, and she assured me she was sending it now.

Am I going to call tomorrow and check if they received it?  YES I AM.

Just frustrated.  One more week wasted.  Someday this won't matter, but right now, it matters.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Where it Stands

I finally had my appointment with the pulmonologist last Friday, concerning the results of my 30 day cpap usage.  He was pleased with the numbers I had pulled and said he would release me for surgery.  He was, however, concerned that I am not getting solid sleep at night and is afraid that there may be other reasons why this is.  I wish I had not said anything, because quite frankly, I have been this way for many years.  Perhaps all my life.  He made me take some blood tests to check my iron levels, and if they are low, he will have me take iron supplements.  If the iron is fine, he assumes it may be something else entirely and talked about a medication for parkinson’s disease,  that is supposed to help.  I honestly DO NOT want to take this medication and have been stressed ever since worrying about it.  Additionally, I have to see him again in another month to follow up with this issue.  Me and my big mouth.  If I had said all was fine, I don’t think this would be such an issue.

I am really despising the Cpap machine right now.  I can’t keep my mask on at night and I truly believe that is what is making me wake up all the time.  Last night was an exceptionally miserable night; waking about 3:30 AM and not being able to get the mask to stop leaking on me while it constantly slipped from beneath my nose.  I wonder if I need to talk to Norco about trying another mask.  There are things I really like about this one…but if it slips all night, then that is not a good thing!

So, this week I am hoping that my paperwork is getting compiled in readiness to go to the insurance company for approval.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Today I received a voicemail from the Bariatric clinic.  Say what?  This is the first contact they have made with me since my initial appointment back in July.  They wanted to know when the pulmonologist was going to send the results of my cpap over so they can get my pre-op appointments scheduled.  What?  I immediately called them back and received a voicemail (of course) and told her they moved my appointment out to 10/7 from 9/28 due to the drama with Norco.  We can read about that awfulness here.  How did this make me feel?  LIKE I EXIST!  Suddenly it feels like they might want to give me this surgery after all.  Insert big smile!

And as for the Cpap...last night I registered a 0 for my AHI.  I didn’t even know a person could do that!  I want to try and figure out my average, but I have never been over a 2, so I am assuming it’s all going to be fine.  It better be fine.  This process is really a tough one!