Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Still Doing Isagenix. Maybe Day 21?

I am not sure what day this is, but honestly I would probably have to subtract at least 2 of them because I wasn't on my best behavior this past weekend or Monday evening.  I made the choice to be bad, knowing full well I would  regret it.  And do I?  Yes AND no.  Mostly yes, because I was on a good roll with the program and following along great, but also no, because I am trying to teach myself a new quality in not thinking in terms of ALL OR NOTHING!  I have to stop thinking that if I am not perfect and successful at every turn then I have to throw in the towel.  I remind myself of this almost daily.  Because, I have had some negative thoughts creep in and I really was letting them affect me and my efforts.  I let doubt that I could be successful creep in there and felt my whole giving up attitude come back with a vengeance.  But NO!  I decided Monday night and again this morning I was going to do a cleanse and I was going to take 1 hour at a time and as each hour passed and I was accomplishing what I set out to do, it became a little easier.  My plan for tomorrow is to tackle it the very same way. One hour at a time....and maybe I can also make it through 2 days of cleansing...then gently let myself go back into regular shake days.  I really want to lose this weight.  I just have to keep my eye on the goal.

I also went in and updated my auto ship, so a new one will be sent out to me later this week.  I can do this!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Day ? Isagenix

I have no idea what day this is following the Isagenix plan.  How has it been going?  Well, overall I would say it is going fine.  I am not perfect with it to be honest and have had a couple episodes of unnecessary snacking in the evenings; nothing too out of control, but enough that weight loss hasn't really happened since my cleanse.  Not that any of this is bad.  I think it's real-life results.  Even though my idea was to lose weight and am using it as a weight loss plan, therefore, a diet...that doesn't mean a lifestyle change wouldn't be indicative of maintaining too.  Am I sick of drinking shakes 2 times a day?  Sort of.  I have to admit there is something satisfying of eating real food, chewing and enjoying all of that...but, once again, right now I am trying to lose weight so the sacrifice needs to be there too.  And overall, I like the shakes.  I think they have an ok flavor.  I like them better than the protein shakes from post surgery that I lived on.

I have noticed this week that each morning when I weigh myself (and yes, I know that is excessive, but I do it anyway), that my weight has gone back down fractionally, but steadily.  I think I am OK with that.  I plan on doing another cleanse day or 2 next week.  Mainly I have been following this plan each day:

First thing in the morning:  Ionix - not a big fan of the flavor.  Sometimes I drink it in hot water like a tea and that is pretty good.  Sometimes I mix it in my shake, although I am not certain if that is Ok.  Other times, I just mix it up in some water and drink it fast.  It doesn't mix very well though and leaves some grit in the bottom.  I think I may order the liquid next time and see if that is better.

Shake:  After a bit, I blend up a shake in my nutribullet.  It makes it thick like a milkshake.  I usually just have plain water and ice in with 2 scoops.  I often mix vanilla with chocolate or the strawberry.  I don't think I will order strawberry again.  It's not my favorite.  They do have chocolate mint now, so I am pretty sure I will be purchasing that one.  Sometimes I also add a chunk of frozen banana or frozen strawberries.

Snack: After a couple hours at work, I have a boiled egg.  I have really been looking forward to the egg.  It's such a complete food!  Sometimes I also have about 1/2 of a sliced apple before lunch.

Lunch:  Another shake.  This one is a little less appealing because I am at work and don't have a nutribullet there, so I just shake it up in a shaker cup with cold water and a few ice cubes.  It gets thick, but not like a shake.  More like a glutenous sort of thick.  Not as nice, but still Ok.

Snack:  Sometimes I remember to have a snack in the afternoon, but often I am busy.  If I do, it's usually a cheese stick or a few almonds.  Or both.

Dinner:  Food!  I have salmon, or chicken or I even made some Asian Lettuce wraps this week.  They were the bomb.  I will try to remember to add the recipe to my blog.

Evening....this is where it can all go downhill.  I want to snack.  All day I have been good and on track and this is my snacking time.  This is my downfall.  But, I will keep trying and not choose bad snacks.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Weekend of Doom

It was actually a pretty decent weekend.  I got a lot accomplished that I planned on doing and felt like I got enough rest for a change.  But, my food choices were not that great.  Nope, not at all.  I don't even want to talk about changes to my bathroom scale.  But, whatever happened there was well-deserved.  However, I am now back on track for a Monday.  I had my shake and Ionix this morning, 1/2 and apple, and a boiled egg for a snack, another shake for lunch, a cheese stick for a snack, and soon I will head home and finish my day off with some chicken and salad.  I think it will be fine.  I am in charge.

I plan on having another shake day tomorrow and then on Wednesday I am going to do another cleanse day.  My plan is to do only 1 cleanse day instead of 2.  That's the plan anyway.

I can do this.  I can succeed!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Isagenix Day's 8 & 9

I have done well overall, although I think this late shift hasn't been the best for me because of the fact that I eat 'lunch" at 4:00 pm and then my last shake after 8:00 pm, and it's just too late to be eating anything.  The day after my cleanse I had gained back a pound and that is still holding steady 2 mornings later.  This is now the morning of day 10.  I DO feel good about my progress although I'd rather see the scale move downwards some more.  But, I just have to stick with it and it will come.  And, I plan on sticking with it.  Today is my last day on the late shift at work and I can get some semblance of normalcy back into my schedule.

What a ride this whole weight loss journey has been.  If I were to look back and read from the beginning I would need to also take into consideration the weeks and months where I struggled and waited and wanted so badly to be where I am even now.  It's important to keep it all in to perspective because other than the very first initial months after surgery, none of this has been easy.  And I think I need to realize that it probably never will be because as I have already learned, maintaining my weight and staying consistent aren't easy.  But, I can't stop until I am in a healthier range, so I will continue Isagenix because it has worked for me to reverse the process and I can't say anything else has in the last few months.

One thing I have noticed though, is my sleeve restriction seems to be more obvious after the past 9 days.  I get full faster than I had been.  I am glad for that!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The End of the Cleanse

Whew...it was a long day today, but I am finally finishing up day 2 of my cleanse.  Everyone said it would be easier on the 2nd day, but honestly, I think it was easier yesterday.  Anyway, I was a success!  Tomorrow I get real food.  YAY!  I will still have my 2 shakes and a meal in the evening, or maybe I will eat lunch since I am on the late shift and then just have a shake for dinner.  That might be the way to go.

Something occurred to me this morning that I thought was a good thing to add to my journal here.  This is actually the first "diet" I have been on since having weight loss surgery 14 months ago.  And, I have been on a lot of diets in my life.  In the last 20+ years, every diet was with the realization that I had 50-60 maybe even 100+ pounds to lose.  And, I would lose 10-15 pounds and feel really good, and even stick with it until I lost 40-50 pounds a few times, but the finish line always still seemed so far away and the course very long to get there.  And after 2-5 months, something would happen, I'd go off track and with my "all-or-nothing" attitude I would pack those pounds right back on and even gain a few extra in some cases.  It's a very demoralizing feeling. 

So, this is whole new territory I am in here.  I am trying to lose around 34 pounds, of which, 9 pounds I have already lost.  Never in my dieting life that I can remember have I had such a small amount to lose to get to the goal I want to be at.  Never!  Never have I been able to see the finish line as a very possible reality!  I can do this.  I CAN DO THIS!!  And, I might add, losing 9 pounds now, is a lot different than losing 9 pounds before.  When I was caring around 250 pounds, a 9 pound loss would have been great, but not noticeable, I would probably need to lose an additional 9 to even notice my clothes fitting differently.  Nine pounds now is a much bigger deal, and honestly, a little harder to lose.  I am sure the next 9 pounds will be more of a challenge, but I know I can do it.  I can see what I need to do and now have a pretty solid tool to help me get there.

Isagenix has worked out to be a lot better than I thought it would be.  Would I have been able to lose 100+ pounds with it a year ago?  I don't know...I tend to think I wouldn't have been able to.  I do not regret my surgery, I think it saved my life.  But now I have the ability to use it along with good nutrition, self discipline and determination to get me to my goal.  I am not setting a time limit, I'm not going to be fanatical, but I do want to succeed.  So I will!


I meant to update over the weekend, but never did get around to it.  I followed the program pretty well and have been trying to make it work for me.  Yesterday was my first day doing the cleanse.  I admit to being afraid that I couldn't do it.  I am always so afraid of failure.  But I made it through and it really wasn't all that bad.  Currently I am beginning my 2nd cleanse day and as of this morning, here are my current results:
Weight:  lost 9.2 lbs
Neck:  .25"
Chest:  1"
Diaphragm:  2.5"
Waist:   .5'
Abdomen:  1"
Bum: no change
Upper Arm:  .75, .5
Upper Thigh:  .25, .25
Upper Knee:  1, 1
Calf:  .25, .25
Total Inches:  10" (I think?)

According to these results, I have 13 more pounds to get to the lowest weight I was since my surgery of 167 and 25 to get to my goal weight of 155.  Suddenly, this all seems very doable.  I hope I can continue on, staying motivated with Isagenix to get me to that goal.

At the moment I am partaking of a cleanse diluted in hot water and listening to the rain fall outside on this cold January morning.  I am working the late shift this week, so don't go into work until 11:00AM so it may be making this process a little easier for me because I can get through 2 of the cleanses before I leave for work.  I think the next time I do a cleanse I am going to try the one where part of it happens overnight instead of 2 full waking days.  We will see though.

For now, I just have to get through today!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day 3 Isagenix

Yesterday went very well all considering.  I had my 2 shakes and my 2 snacks and sensible dinner.  That sounds like a commercial for a weight loss plan if anything ever did!  But, I did it.  Snacking was at minimum later in the evening so that is a bonus.  I think this product leaves me pretty full overall.  I am not sure if it is because I have a small stomach to begin with or just the fact that it's doing what it's supposed to be doing, but I like it.

One thing I am not particularly fond of,  I have decided, is the Ionix Supreme.  It isn't that it doesn't taste good, because that's not really the issue, but it's the fact that it won't dissolve very well in water when I try to drink it.  I probably should have just got it in liquid form instead, but the idea of having tea sounded so good.  I think the problem is, I thought I could have HOT tea and not just warm tea, and I think I read somewhere that it shouldn't be hot.  I need to research that some more.  But on day 4, I am having it mixed into my shake instead, and then it won't matter how it's consumed.

Okay, now for the exciting news..I am still losing weight!  This morning I came in at 182.8 lbs.  That's 6.2 pounds lost in only 3 days!  The bigger plus to this is that I am getting closer to the 170's.  I really, really want to get back to where I was when I started this regain of weight last summer, so my hope is this will get me headed in that direction.  I still plan on doing my cleanse on Monday and Tuesday.  I sort of wish I had done it yesterday, but it's ok.  As long as I do it during this process, I will be fine.