Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Musings...

This afternoon I decided to pull out the notebook that they gave me when I saw the surgeon last month.  It really is very handy because they have categorized each step of the process.  I read it cover to cover that evening and really haven't looked at it since.  When I saw the dietitian a few weeks ago and she gave me the speedy version of what my post op diet should consist of, she also gave me some more pages of information that recapped the information she fed to me so fast that my head spinned.  These were to be added to the said book.  I knew that I could fall back on the info when it was time, and also knew I should go over it again to make sure I understand everything...because I truly have been feeling vague about what I am going to be going through as far as diet goes.  

Today I made myself go over the info and write it out.  That's always the best way I have learned to understand and commit to memory is to write it out.  I feel  better educated now and more prepared to do what I need to do.

It's only been since June that I started this journey I if feels like a much longer time.  I think that is because everything went really fast, appointments (most of them) were set up quickly and then it was just a matter of the waiting game.  Truth be told, I have already met all the insurance requirements.  The psychologist said he would have the results sent to the surgeon within a week and he already gave me the thumbs up on my results,  I know the surgeon is going to want that sleep study though...but that appointment is this coming am really close.

I do wonder, however, how far the surgeon is out on scheduling surgeries.  I do hope this is all going to happen this year.  I do have one small son is getting ready to submit his papers for his mission.  I don't want to be risking any surgeries at the same time I need to be out of town for his departure...but then again, I am sure things will work out.  This is life.  Right?

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