Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What a Difference an Afternoon Makes

After my dismal day and feeling in a funk because of the bad news about the long wait for the sleep study, I went back to work to finish my day.  I decided to make a phone call to Jill the patient specialist again and tell her about the appointment date and what my options were, or anyway, what do I do for the next 7 weeks while I wait for it.  Of course I couldn't reach her, but I did leave a voice mail.  I was pleasantly surprised after a couple hours of working with 2 of my agents at their desks that I came back to discover she had left me 2 voice mails.  The first one was to tell me that she was going to call around to some other doctors, not necessarily affiliated with my hospital (we have at least 5 major hospitals in our city) to see if there was something available that was sooner.  The 2nd voice mail was to tell me she found a doctor that had availability mid August and she sent them over a referral!  Wow!  This moves everything up by a month and I am so grateful.  I called her back and left another voice message thanking her for going above and beyond to help me out.

What a relief!  And what a nice thing to do!

In other was Couch to 5K.  After Monday's attempt, I went into the idea with some trepidation and concern.  On Monday I literally made myself sick pushing myself to complete.  I had a couple moments during where I felt like I needed to vomit and did a little bit into a Kleenex I had handy.  I don't think this is the kind of fun and feeling of accomplishment I was seeking.  Perhaps someone with my extra weight, age and fitness level shouldn't be pushing myself so hard.  Maybe the fact I had to leave work early due to illness because of Monday's workout, was a warning to me to step back and take stock of the ramifications of the whole thing?  Maybe these are all just rationalizations?

I made myself get out of bed and tried to do the workout, but I immediately started feeling ill on the first run interval.  The program was also increasing the intervals by 1 extra minute and so this further worried me as the last one was so difficult.  I self-negotiated myself to instead do the run sections at a very brisk walk and then the walk sections at my regular walking speed.  I felt a little bit like a failure and like I was letting myself down, but in reality, at the end of it all, I am still sweating just as much, walked nearly the same distance, went the same time frame, so I shouldn't beat myself up about this.  I made a mental promise to myself that as soon as I can do this same day, and do it running instead of walking, all the way through, then I will move onto the next day and so forth,  It's OK.  I'm not just on the couch.  I AM up and moving.

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