Saturday, July 16, 2016

Thinking About my Other Half This Evening...

Today was a very nice day.  I got spend the majority of it with my sweet husband.  He has been running a route all week, well, actually a few weeks.  We haven't really got to see each other a lot, so this morning, instead of driving straight through to Twin Falls to pick up his car and come back home, he stopped by our home and picked me up and I got to travel with him.  We had a wonderful time, visiting, laughing, sharing our weeks anecdotes...just being together.  When we made it back to Boise, we went out to lunch at our favorite Italian restuarant (totally non-diet related) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

My husband is a very caring and generous person.  On more than one occasion, I have seen him reach out and help another in need.  He wouldn't like me to talk about this, but one time, we were standing in a long line at the store, and there was an older lady that was a couple customers ahead of us that was clearly having a difficult time paying for her items.  She was frantically on her cell phone trying to get hold of someone to help her and at the same time scrambling through her purse trying to find some money, or another card to pay for her items.  The line was quite long, and some people were getting impatient, and my husband silently walks up to the lady, and asks the cashier to please take his card so that her items could be bought.  The cashier clearly was grateful because they didn't seem to know what to do with the lady, and she was so surprised.  After the purchase was done, and her items were bagged, she came to us and asked us to please let her pay us back and how could she get hold of us...and of course my husband told her not to worry about it.  He was happy to do this and wanted her to have a better day.  She was almost in tears and said, "God Bless You", and admittedly, we are truly blessed.  We have been given much and we have a strong love between us, and in and of itself, that is more than enough.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we will enjoy another day together before we have to part ways again and head to work in our separate cities, but we take comfort in knowing that we will have another weekend to look forward to.

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