Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In Where I Start the Day Off Complaining

Not that I want every post to be a negative rant about how depressed, frustrated or tired I am, I did NOT want to get on that treadmill this morning and do my Couch to 5K work out.  But I did it ANYWAY!

I have been working the late shift this week which means 11-8 PM.  Getting off work at 8 PM is cruel and unusual punishment when you are trying to eat sensibly and get exercise.  I am eating dinner way too late and going to bed with food in tummy that still feels apparent when I wake up the next morning.  I am moving rather sluggish today and didn't want to get out of bed, let alone, jump on the treadmill.  Plus, I now have a blister on the back of my heel, which I knew was going to be a problem with my new shoes.  But, I was able to wear my old ones and they were loose enough not to be a problem.  So, Hey!  I did it!

Here is a question that I want to do research on.  Why is it when people lose weight, they have such big heads?  It's like this smaller body supporting a massive head.  I already have a pretty big head, so I am not looking forward to this phenomenon.  And usually, it's not because they still have fatty faces or just seems like their faces look longer and gaunt.  I was recently reading a book about a man in England that lost a whole lot of weight, and he was looking and working for that magic number of 168 pounds.  He started his journey at 412 pounds.  At the end of the book he reached his goal, despite being upset about all the comments from friends that he was too thin or that he needed to stop losing weight because he looked unhealthy.  In his mind, he needed to achieve that magic number to feel like he accomplished his goal.  This book had no pictures so I could see what he looked like, so I googled his name and there were lots of pictures.  In my opinion, he looked a bit like a concentration camp survivor.  And yes, 168 pounds is probably a healthy weight for a man his height, but there must be a period of adjustment after such drastic measures.  I wonder how I will turn out.

I do plan on exercising as I go.  I hope that helps.

I watched a movie last night called "Unsupersize Me".  A guy who took on a totally plant based diet, found that his health improved and with exercise, his body looked and felt better.  He worked as a trainer at his own health club and he decided to take a woman who was 345 pounds and try to turn her life around by being her personal coach to lose weight based on these principals.  With him as her trainer, she did lose 200 pounds, she was totally vegan and worked out hard and they documented the journey.  She did great, but once again, kind of a big head (or differently shaped face) afterwords.  I don't's strange.  But, I can live with it!  Big head, here I come!

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