Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine....NOT!

 I sit here, with my 2 poached eggs and turkey bacon with whole wheat toast, sweating profusely and whimpering a little because of the blister trying to form on my right heel.  The blister is due to the new Nike running shoes my husband bought me on Saturday.  Yay for cute new shoes!  Boo for blisters.  My left foot felt great all through the workout.  My right foot didn't.  Between overcompensating for an ingrown toenail and then pushing away from the end of my shoe, I made the back of my foot rub and ....ouch!  At least I don't have to wear them again until Wednesday.

This week I am working the 11-8 shift.  It's not my favorite one since that means I don't get home until closer to 9:00 PM, but it does mean I have some extra time in the morning to accomplish as much as I want to.  The problem with that is, I am not a morning person.  To be fair, however, that is not a good excuse.  So, I made myself get out of bed at the usual time this morning.  I read for about half an hour until the dogs whining made me nuts and I released them from their kennels to get them outside.  The topic of my research this morning was sleep studies and when does someone know they have cured sleep apnea? Rather dry reading.  I am still all stirred up about this crazy sleep study I will probably have to do.  And so I spend $100's on it along with the purchase of a cpap machine and then put it into a closet after 2 months?  Yes, probably.  But, to be fair, I do have some concern I am suffering the affects of bad sleep.  A few times in recent weeks, I have been sitting in my car, just making the short drive to and from work, usually in the afternoons at lunch time, and I have felt an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and a sensation of falling into that trance before you go into sleep mode.  Once, I was sitting at a traffic light and had that feeling and it gave me a sensation of being totally out of control of my consciousness.  It scared me a little and I actually yelled at myself (out loud) to "knock it off!".  It was quite startling.  I considered the idea I might be narcoleptic.  I did some morning research on that one too...but it is doubtful that was the issue.  I just need some rest.  A person shouldn't wake up after 7 or 8 hours feeling like they never slept and still have heavy eyes and yawn constantly.  My motivation to get anything done other than what is required is quite difficult.  And then, going to work every day and trying to think on my feet...also a chore.  It sucks to be 100 pounds overweight.  All in all, I am a grouchy grump.

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