Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 2 Complete

I finished day 3 of week two on the Couch to 5 K challenge.  I really, really had to push myself though because I am having one of my classic low energy days.  I get these every now and again, where I feel like I am walking through a fog mentally and physically I want to just roll up with a pillow and sleep.  These episodes are more apt to happen when I really need to get things done, or my husband and I have a hundred errands to run on a Saturday.  I always make myself push through because in my real life (not so much in here) I try to downplay things and not act like a psycho hypochondriac about how I am feeling.  If I told people how I was feeling most of the time, they would think exactly that.  But, in here it's safe to say exactly what I am going through.  Some day I am going to come back here and read this and then realize how different I am (now) because I no longer have days like this.

But, today, I am having one.  At least it's Friday and that means I get to have a weekend soon.  Yay.  Just have to make it through my workday.  But, hey, at least I made it through my workout.

One thing I noticed while I was working out today is that I love to guzzle water.  It's so satisfying to have lots and lots of cool water slide down my parched throat.  I am going to miss that.  I have been reading a lot of information about this surgery that I am facing, and I have had quite a few surgeries in the past, but none of them were on my stomach.  So, it goes without saying, this is very new territory for me.  Reading about the day after surgery and the patient is only allowed to swab their lips and mouth with a wet sponge and not swallow any actual water makes my tongue swell.  I am kind of dreading that part.  I dislike the feeling of being thirsty.  So, today, I did no water guzzling,  I only took little sips and tried to swallow slowly to see what it's like.  I will survive.  It will be tough at first and then once I get through that day there will be a new challenge, but that one will be behind me.

Last night, after work, my son and I walked around playing Pokemon Go.  It's funny because it is such a phenomenon that there are people all over the place playing...groups of them sitting in one spot to lure the pokemon's in.  But, my son was very proud that we were able to bag Pikachu!  LOL
And, we walked around for awhile and there's nothing wrong with that!

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