Monday, October 10, 2016

Where it Stands

I finally had my appointment with the pulmonologist last Friday, concerning the results of my 30 day cpap usage.  He was pleased with the numbers I had pulled and said he would release me for surgery.  He was, however, concerned that I am not getting solid sleep at night and is afraid that there may be other reasons why this is.  I wish I had not said anything, because quite frankly, I have been this way for many years.  Perhaps all my life.  He made me take some blood tests to check my iron levels, and if they are low, he will have me take iron supplements.  If the iron is fine, he assumes it may be something else entirely and talked about a medication for parkinson’s disease,  that is supposed to help.  I honestly DO NOT want to take this medication and have been stressed ever since worrying about it.  Additionally, I have to see him again in another month to follow up with this issue.  Me and my big mouth.  If I had said all was fine, I don’t think this would be such an issue.

I am really despising the Cpap machine right now.  I can’t keep my mask on at night and I truly believe that is what is making me wake up all the time.  Last night was an exceptionally miserable night; waking about 3:30 AM and not being able to get the mask to stop leaking on me while it constantly slipped from beneath my nose.  I wonder if I need to talk to Norco about trying another mask.  There are things I really like about this one…but if it slips all night, then that is not a good thing!

So, this week I am hoping that my paperwork is getting compiled in readiness to go to the insurance company for approval.

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