Thursday, October 13, 2016

Murphy's Law...again

Murphy's Law is basically the one where if something can go wrong, it probably will.  Which is me on replay...over and over again.  Last Friday, as I wrote earlier, very excitedly...the pulmonology doctor said I was released for surgery.  I point blank asked him how soon he would send that over to my surgeon.  He said he'd have his notes written up by lunch time.  I guess I should have made him be more specific on which day, lunch.  Ugh...

Two days of calling the surgeon to find out if things are ready for insurance...6 days after he told me he would fax information over...I find out he never did,.  They don't have it.  The insurance specialist with the surgeon said she would give them a call.

After about an hour of thinking about it, I also called the pulmonology office to discover...they still HAD NOT faxed it.  Then the big reveal of why they didn't became apparent when the girl on the other end said, "oh we don't have the doctor's fax number".  So, yeah.  My husband and I talked about this later...most likely someone looked at it, didn't see a fax number and added it to the bottom of the pile to be looked at another day.  Considering the things discussed in that appointment, I would have to agree that is exactly what happened because there were a couple follow up things the doctor recommended and a week later I have not heard a peep about that.  They made me do some blood work for something the doctor wanted to be looked at and he sent a new prescript over to Norco to change the settings remotely on my cpap.  None of those things have occurred,  I honestly don't care about those 2 things...but I DO care about the information getting to my surgeon,

So..while I had her on the phone, I made her wait while I LOOKED UP THE FAX NUMBER MYSELF online, and gave it to her, and she assured me she was sending it now.

Am I going to call tomorrow and check if they received it?  YES I AM.

Just frustrated.  One more week wasted.  Someday this won't matter, but right now, it matters.

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