Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Pre-Op is winding down

I received news that my information was submitted to insurance on October 20th, which as of today, makes 4 business days.  The insurance average is 7-10 business days for their turn-around, which of course could be sooner, as they always want to give the longest time frame to cover all deviations.  I am expecting the 10 day scenario, but hopeful that it is less.

There is a girl at work that is about a month behind me in this process.  She has had to attend the 6 month pre-op diet classes (where I didn't have to) but she was told the doctor schedules 2 weeks out.  With all things being equal and going by that schedule, I could be looking at my surgery the week before Thanksgiving!

I almost don't know what to think or feel about everything.  I have been running on a lot of "let's get this done" energy and not very much focus on the reality of it actually happening,   I think I need to find a way to get in tune with the emotions and feelings that led up to this decision to begin with.  I think I will spend some time re-reading my previous posts and reminding myself of the whys.

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