Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

With today being Day 7 of the wait for pre-approval for my weight loss surgery, I took the initiative to make some phone calls this afternoon.  I first called the surgeon’s office to enquire if they had heard anything.  They hadn’t, but reminded me that bluecross blueshield can take 2 weeks to process pre-approvals.  So, I called the insurance company and it was there!  The woman I spoke with said it just showed up a few minutes ago and so she opened it up and read the approval letter to me.  Yay….I quickly called the insurance specialist at the surgeon’s office, but it went to voice mail and it was in fact about 15 minutes to 5, so I don’t expect anyone would answer the phone.  I believe I can assume I will be getting a call tomorrow to schedule my surgery date.  Happy Halloween!!

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