Wednesday, February 1, 2017

11 Weeks - Surgeon Office follow Up

This marks 11 weeks since surgery. I had an appointment with the surgeon's office and they seemed pleased with my progress.  Rachel said that I have lost about 41% of my excess weight.  She'd like me to drop another 20 lbs and then I can start to reintroduce whole grains.  Sounds like a party to me!  I believe I need to lose about 70% of my excess weight to get to that stage, so I think I will watch that so I can take the most advantage of what this post-op honeymoon period.

Many of the youtube vloggers I watch are coming up on their year post op.  Most have either reached or come very close to their goal weight.  It sure is exciting to see that happen.  And, it also makes me realize how many months I spent last year working towards getting this surgery and now the aftermath.  It hasn't been a super long time, but a lot has happened.

My weight loss peaked at the number I reported a couple days ago when I made it to Onederland.  I am pretty sure, however, I will make some more progress to report next week.  I'd like to get well under the 200 mark so I don't see that fluctuation bring me back above.

Between my new Aria scale and the doctor scale, it might actually put the Aria scale a little heavier.  That's quite a change. Usually doctor scales weight me a couple pounds heavier, but I was fully clothed in jeans, etc and I weighed in at just a bit over 201 lbs this morning.  I believe this morning in my altogether, I was only a  bit over a pound less than that.  Interesting.  I did pitch a mini-fit though.  We had some more snow this morning, so I wore a pair of boots and the nurse would not let me take them off before weighing.  I don't see that as being a very weigh in!  She said they had someone fall at the scale before, so for liability sake, no one is allowed to remove their shoes.  I grumbled enough about it that she let me go into my room, take my boots off while sitting down, and then she led me back to the scales to re-weigh.  It was nice of her.  I think I will try to be better prepared next time though and wear some sandals or something.  These things matter!  It will be May before I see them again, however, so weather could have drastically changed by then too.

One thing I did get while at the appointment, was a card to use in restaurants that should grant me a reduced price on menu items.  Such as, being allowed to order from the children's menu or the senior menu.  I am not sure how well these will work, but I will try it out this weekend.  My husband mentioned that he wanted to go eat out on Saturday afternoon.

Rachel also took me off the omeprazole and prescribed me some zantac instead.  She said that the omeprazole may cause some loss of calcium, and that's the last thing I need at this stage in my life.  I haven't really experienced acid reflux, which can be a problem after a sleeve procedure, but then again, the medication may have been preventing it.  I am very hopeful when I visit my pcp in April, more medications can be reduced or even eliminated.

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