Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stepping Up

I updated my weight chart recently and noticed some discrepancies in weeks post-op and dates, etc.  I think I was even confused in some of these blog posts as far as the correct week I was on, etc.  I believe I have that all corrected now, however, so it feels more straightened out.  At least digitally.  I think my brain might still be confused though!

I have met my steps goals consistently for 4 weeks now, and the biggest motivator is being included in step challenges on my Fitbit.  I do find however, that I sometimes can't backdown from a challenge, and though I rarely win 1st place in the challenge (although I did win the week of 2/6-2/10) I am still very motivated to do my best effort.  This past Friday was one of those pushing myself a little too far and went a little bit overboard.  But, I could do it, and I am no worse for the wear, but here were the results.

I don't plan on being this extreme, at least with walking, all the time.  And I know that I really need to  add in some additional weight training to shake things up a little bit.  I am not overly fond of using weights though and am not even sure if I am capable of this, but was thinking I could add some push-ups or sit ups to my routine so that I am pushing my own body weight as opposed to adding weight to lift.  My 54th birthday is coming up in a few days and I honestly am not certain how much I should push this tired old body.

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