Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Goal Setting

Living in onederland is pretty awesome.  Now that I have lost 50+ pounds it's exciting to consider that I am looking so much more "normal" than I was previously, and feeling extremely better physically.  I still haven't set up any specific goals after dropping below 200 lbs, as that was kind of the main focus for so many years and I honestly lived with that dream to get under but secretly didn't believe it would ever happen.  So, here I am.

On my Fitbit, I set a mini goal to get to 185 lbs, so a few more pounds and I will be there.  I guess I could try and create something that breaks it down, so here is where my thinking is.  I will NOT set time limits on these goals, however.  I think time limits are a fast way to set up unrealistic expectations and then there is so much disappointment when the goal isn't achieved.  So, instead, I will just set these up as milestones.  Here is how they have gone so far:

Starting 247 11/15/2016
Under 240: 11/23/2016
Under 230: 11/27/2016
Under 220: 12/16/2016
Under 210: 1/4/2017
Under 200: 1/29/2017

I have finally updated my weight chart so it's fun to go in and take a look at the progress I have made.

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