Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Month Recap

The 15th of January was my 2 month anniversary on weight loss surgery.  I thought I would breakdown my progress so far.

FOOD- I am now able to eat most foods without any significant problems, although I am avoiding all bread, crackers, potatoes and pastas until I reach my goal weight, or at least are a good ways out on my journey.  I still aim for protein first and then vegetables after.  I have started eating some fresh fruits too, but am discovering they seem to be, at least at this time, a trigger for me and lead me to want more.  I think I will watch that in general.
A week ago I bought a rotisserie chicken and used it to make a weeks’ worth of vegetable and chicken soup as well as some chicken salad.  I find that the peeled and sliced cucumbers make pretty good substitutions for crackers when eating the chicken salad too.  

Restaurants continue to be a huge disappointment to me.  I find it too expensive and I can’t begin to eat even a ¼ of the volume of food that is available.  And yes, I can take it home with me for another meal, and I do, but many times I end up throwing it out after a few days.   I also find, that at the restaurant I eat what I can and then sit there playing with my food so I am not so conspicuous.  The only bright side to this is that my husband is a pretty fast eater, so I don’t have to sit too long.  My husband enjoys the restaurant though, so we will continue to go.  And quite frankly, it is one less meal I have to cook for my husband that I really can’t eat.
One smart thing I have been doing is every couple weeks, I buy 4-5 small Wendy’s Chili’s.  One of them is lunches for me, so I take them home and freeze them in little ½ cup freezer containers.  They have been pretty good for an easy lunch at work.

EXERCISE – Walking and light jogging have been the main focus right now.  I have my Fitbit and enter a lot of challenges, etc to try and stay accountable and motivated.  I also have restarted the Couch25K that I started before my surgery.  It’s going much better than it did before and I find I am doing a better job on the running portion.  There are some longer periods of running coming up this week and next and so we’ll see how that goes. 

HEALTH – My blood sugars have been running pretty normal or anyway, more normal than before surgery.  I will have my A1C reviewed in March and that will tell a bigger story.  I am still taking some diabetes medication and blood pressure medication, but a much lesser dosage than before.  Overall, I feel much better than before. More endurance, I sleep better at night, and many of the aches and pains that I accounted to being overweight and aging have diminished to where I didn’t even realize they were better until I stopped to consider them.  Mostly, I am just feeling more “normal”.

PROGRESS – I started out wearing a size 18/20 or 22/24 top and 18 or 20 bottom.  I am now wearing a 16 or 18 top or an XL and sometimes an L top and size 14 jeans.

Additionally, I have lost 39.9 pounds.  As far as inches lost, I measure around the 3rd of the month, and these are the inches lost so far:
  • neck: -1"
  • upper chest:  -5"
  • chest:  -6.5
  • under chest:  -5
  • waist:  -6.5
  • hips:  -7
  • thigh:  -3
  • upper arm:  -2
  • calf:  .75
What I wish I knew or could have been better prepared for before surgery - 
  • You will weigh more than your surgery day weight when you come home from the surgery.  But, within a week or so, that will go back down with the loss of body fluids, etc.  But, that scale is not your friend in the very beginning
  • Liquids are the very bane of existence in the beginning.  
  • Eat your protein first because there won't be any room for the other filler things
  • Keep a positive attitude.  It's not always going to be easy.  Weight loss surgery will not fix all the problems in your life, in fact you will likely find that it creates new problems.  But, life is like that.  Don't over dramatize and keep it real with a positive outlook and your experience will be so much more rewarding.
I'm feeling pretty great about the progress and love the changes to my quality of life.

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