Saturday, January 28, 2017

Almost to Onederland

I have been hovering around the 200 lb mark for the last week.  My goal, for about 15 years, has been to just hit 199 pounds, if I could be there I would be super pleased.  And, I have never made it close.  Up and down with the same 30-40 pounds, hovering around a place 20 or so pounds more than that.  But, this morning, I checked my weight on my old scales and this is what I found:

Granted, this is my old scale and not the official one that hooks up to my Fitbit, but it sure was fun to see the scale that I had been using for the last 7 years, display my weight in ONEDERLAND!  So...I am sure my Aria scale will reflect something similar in a couple days.  (It tends to run about 2 lbs heavier than my old scale).  Numbers, numbers....let's talk about those non scale victories for a moment.

Yesterday at work, a few people were commenting on my apparent weight loss.  (I really should find some comparison pictures).  A lady at work asked me how many sizes I had gone down.  I told her I started around an 18 or 20, and I was currently wearing a 14.  She commented that my jeans were looking a bit loose.  I had not stopped to consider that, but I looked down and by golly, the jeans were a bit baggy in the hip area.  When did that happen?  Today, I am wearing them again and noticed I had to stop and hitch them up a few times as they were bagging in my rump.  Wow!  I just bought these about 6 weeks ago and they were very snug.  In fact, I hesitated wearing them to work because of their snugness, but finally realized I had few options with the fact the 18's and 16's sure weren't an option any longer!  This is all very cool and amazing!

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