Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nothing Much To Update

I have meant to come in here and update, but there hasn't been a lot to write about.  I am still in the process of logging days on the CPAP and waiting for my appointment October 7th.  Little did I know that when I started pursuing this back in June, I'd still be here playing a waiting game at the end of September.  But, here I am.  The good news is, I've finally met my deductible based off the many tests and studies I have done.  I am that much closer to my out of pocket requirements when all is said and done.  Of course, if this should drag itself our into next year, then I have to start that part of the process over again.  Fingers crossed it will be in November as I was last told.

In other news, my son's mission papers are on their way to us.  We should know by weeks end where he will be headed and when.  It's quite a milestone.

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