Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I've Been Sick

Last week I started feeling ill; scratchy throat and it was getting hard to swallow.  I felt overall, fine, so went to work as usual.  Friday after work, my husband picked me up from work and we headed out of town for a nice holiday weekend getaway.  We went to Baker City, Oregon, stayed in a motel and had dinner at the Geiser Grand Hotel.  It was really fancy.  We enjoyed ourselves.  
The glass ceiling in the dining room at Geiser Grand Hotel, Baker City, Oregon
this is a stock photo of the hotel itself.  We were there after dark, and I wasn't able to get a good all encompassing shot.  Next time we are in town, we are going to stay the night there too.

The next day we drove over to Sumpter, Oregon, to go to their annual Labor Day City wide swap meet.  It was fun to walk around and do some people watching, looking at other people's junk and being in the mountains. The highlight of the swap meet was that we ran into one of my sons there and his family.  Of course, we had to buy ice cream for everyone.  Considering we were 3 hours away from home, this was a bit of a surprise.
My son
One of the grandchildren.  Look at the cool basket I picked up showing in the foreground.

My Daughter-in-law

Another grandson

After we were done with the swap meet we talked about staying in the area another day, but in the end, we headed back to Boise.  My husband was having a bit of a company issue with one of his drivers having a broken down truck and it seemed smart to be closer to home.  Plus, I was having a real issue with an ingrown toenail that felt like it was getting infected.  When we arrived home, and I took my shoes and socks off, it was apparent this was a real issue.  I have been working on trying to get it back under control and less painful.  (and until I get this surgery going, these are how exciting these kind of blog posts will be)

As the weekend progressed, I also started to feel a bit more under the weather as well.  Monday was the holiday and this is now Wednesday and I am still out from work sick,  It's been good though...I think I needed the rest.

On the C-Pap drama front, I still have not gotten my machine with the medical supply company.  Another week rolls around and all I hear is that they are still waiting to hear back from the insurance company on approval.  Today, out of frustration, I called my insurance company and the agent told me that they don't require a pre-authorization.  If the doctor finds it necessary, they will cover it.  And, they cover it in network with no issue.  I called the doctor's office and it amounted to them saying they would have someone call me back, but I feel like I got further doing the research on my own.  If I have waited 2 weeks already and it wasn't needed....well, there's not a thing I can do about it, but I guess I am not surprised in the least.  ugh!

On another topic...I noticed a few visitors have been here to my blog,  That's a first.  I just happened to note when logging in to make this post today, for the first time in a week, that there has been a little traffic.  That's kind of cool.  Don't be afraid to leave a comment and say hello.

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