Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Making Changes

After my last blog post and my feelings of frustration, I tried to focus in on what I could do to make more positive changes.  I have been listening to some videos that were created by a bariatric surgeon in New Mexico named Dr. Duc Vuong and he has been very motivating to me.  So, last week I started  by drinking a green smoothie for breakfast every morning.  I cut out my egg and bacon (at least for now) and drink the smoothie and avoid snacking in between my meals.  Then for lunch I made a leafy green salad with some kind of protein added to it.  I have done this since last week and have already lost some weight I hadn't before.  It took me 2 months to dip below 170 pounds, but I arrived there finally on Sunday, weighing in at 169.2 lbs!  So, by making over 50% of my diet being raw, avoiding all in between meals snacking and then finishing off my day with whatever I want for dinner, I have made a difference.  So far, my dinners have been salmon, I even made an on the grill burger with some bacon last night.  It's been working out pretty good.

I really thought that the snacking would be a problem.  I thought I would miss my morning yogurt or afternoon cheese and nuts, but so far I have felt satisfied.  I have also been drinking more water during the day and between the raw foods and water, I think my system has been pretty happy too.

So anyway....I am super pleased to have finally left behind the 170's.  They stuck to me like glue and I don't ever want to see them again!

By my reckoning, I am getting very close to my goal now.  I am looking at 155 pounds as a good place to hang out awhile and see what it's like.  So...14 more pounds to go!

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