Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 16

I have been meaning to write here all week, but then I don't come in and do that.  I thought I would try and a few lines this evening before I go to bed.  It's been a really rough week for me.  I had a few disillusionments at work; not being impressed with the way I was treated by someone I had respected.  I will get over it and move on, but it sure is mentally exhausting when that occurs.  I only need to make it through one more day, however, and I am off for a 4 day weekend.  I have been trying to give myself a 3 day weekend once a month this year.  I added another day this week though, because my husband thought it might be nice for him and I to go out of town overnight.  No one is more ready than me to do that!

I had a nice weight loss this week.  I updated the information on my weight chart, but I have made it to 60 lb weight loss!  Actually, a little over that.  I have also been working the late shift this week, so not getting home until nearly 9pm hasn't been the best experience for me.  I just keep telling myself this more day, one more day!

I will try and write more in the morning.  Sleep is what I need right now.

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