Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pre-Surgery Appointment

Last Thursday I had my pre admission and pre surgery appointment with the surgeon.  This is finally happening!  I found the building downtown after I was re-routed 3 times due to wonky streets in downtown Boise.  The pre-admission process was really simple.  They wanted blood, asked my medical history and that's about all.  I then went to the surgeon's office to meet with him.  I expected an exam of some sort, but nothing like that occurred.  He spoke with me about stopping certain medications the day before and day of surgery and my liquid diet the day before.  So, I asked him a few questions I had prepared:

  • When should I exercise?  Gradually, as I feel I am ready.  Mostly walking to begin with
  • How long in hospital?  2 nights most likely
  • CPAP? Use at least a month after surgery
  • Next visit after surgery?  one week
  • Constipation or gas pains?  Colace for constipation and walking for gas
  • What should my goal weight be?  170 to start--don't be wrapped up in numbers
  • What medications?  He gave me a few to avoid the night before and morning of.
Next Monday I will go to a pre-bariatric surgery workshop.  It lasts for 2 hours on the eve of my surgery.  I invited Jim to come with me, but it is doubtful he will want to come along.  And, that's fine.  He is my support system, but quite honestly, he also will not be around that much in my 1st 6 weeks because his job takes him away.  I think I am pretty self-efficient enough to handle everything.  I also have Trey here during most of it if I get in a pinch.

I am going to be off work for 6 weeks!  What a wonderful thing!

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