Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Consultation Appointment Created!

I received a call this morning from the bariatric offices saying that my insurance will cover the surgery, so it was time to make my appointment for the consult.  I have opted to go with Dr. Korn.  My primary doctor had referred me to Dr's., Valentine and/or Korn, and Dr. Korn had the earliest appointment, so it made sense to me to take that one.  I am sure they are both very good, but I really know very little about either.  Time to do my research to see what I can look forward to.

My appointment will be July 7th, so I am looking at about 3 weeks before I see him.  The woman I talked to, (Rebecca), said that the doctor is very strict on what he will expect from me.  He will want to see that I have been using a program to lose weight and following a strict schedule because this is a total lifetime change I will be experiencing if I want to be a success.

I feel determined to make this work.

I have been thinking a lot about changes in the last week or so.  Such as, this time the changes are different because of the huge tool I will receive to make them stick.  I have always had the ability to lose weight and stick with something, but in the back of mind is still that fear or reality, that as nice as it would be to have this be my last diet and the weight will stay off, my whole life I have experienced the reality that there will come a time where I lose my motivation, slip up and then slide back into some lazy habits and gain the weight back.  This is the first time since I was a young girl and went on my 1st "diet" that I have actually felt like this will be what I have needed.  This is what will make the difference.

More on this later...

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