Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Which Percentage Will Win Out?

Today I get to visit with the pulmonary doctor and see how my sleep study went.  I am about 75% sure he will say I do have sleep apnea and have set my mind that direction...and that this surgery I am looking forward to will be postponed longer while all of this is resolved.  I haven't even stopped to consider the reality of living with a mask on my face at night.  Especially since I usually wake up sleeping on my stomach.  :(

The other 25% is wildly optimistic that I am fine, he will wish me on my way and success with my journey...

After the terrible night I had while doing the sleep study, I can't imagine they would say that I am fine and can go on my merry way.  Realistically, it was the worse night of sleep I have had in recorded history...or at least I can remember, and I have had some pretty rough nights due to insomnia  So, I guess, at the very least, I should hope and pray they don't make me do it again.

Here is how it all went down....

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